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30 Juni 2020

Fertility in focus - take the survey

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Throughout the month of July, Aagaard Klinik will have fertility in focus on our website and Instagram & Facebook.

Fertility in focus

Fertility awareness, fertility dissemination and fertility insights. We want to break the silence that exists in part around fertility treatment. Because many children come to the world every year through fertility help - and because no one should feel left alone in fertility treatment.

From July 20 and all week 30 we will have 'Fertility Focus Week', where we will focus daily on a fertility topic.

July 25 is International Embryologist Day, and this day is also the world's first born IVF baby, Louise Brown, 42nd birthday, and of course we would like to mark this.

Du you want to break the silence?

Want to break the silence and share your story - and share it on video for our IGTV (Instagram TV)?
Then write to our Marketing Manager, Maja Wesselhoff:
Or as a private message on our Instagram / Facebook.

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