WIN test

WIN test

Possibility when repeated implementation errors

We can determine the most appropriate time to embryo transfer

At Aagaard, for patients with repeated implantation failures, we can help determine the most appropriate time for the transfer of an embryo by performing the WIN test.

This test helps assessing the receptivity of the endometrium during the implantation window. More specifically, this test makes it possible to know if an endometrial sample is ‘receptive’ or ‘non-receptive’ for the implantation of a competent embryo. This can be achieved for patients in a natural cycle or using hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

This approach optimizes the medical care of the patient by:

  • Saving time by limiting the number of attempts
  • Avoiding unnecessary thawing and embryo transfer
  • Identifying the moment of the cycle where receptivity is optimal

Increasing a patient's chances of achieving pregnancy