Social freezing

'Social Freezing' - freezing of unfertilized eggs

Social Freezing

'Social Freezing', the freezing of unfertilized eggs (oocytes), is the possibility of pregnancy later in life.

The reasons for postponing pregnancy can be many. Our experience is that it can be because you have not yet met the right partner or are in a place in life where it is not the right time to start a family.

The treatment is generally recommended to be carried out as early as possible and at the latest when the woman is 35 years old. This is recommended, as the quality of the eggs unfortunately declines with age.

Freezing unfertilized eggs is the possibility of pregnancy later in life, but unfortunately not a guarantee, as unfertilized eggs have a greater risk of not surviving thawing and fertilization. For this reason, it is recommended that you undergo 2-3 egg retrievals to increase the chance of pregnancy later in life. We recommend freezing around 15 – 20 unfertilised eggs.

According to Danish law, the unfertilized eggs must be frozen until the woman turns 46.

We offer a free, non-binding consultation where you can find out more about freezing unfertilised eggs.

A consultation can be booked by contacting our secretaries by mail or by phone: +45 86 12 61 21. Interviews can also be booked as an online consultation.

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