For you in fertility treatment

Acupuncture in fertility treatment

Aagaard now offers our patients to receive acupuncture treatment in connection with the fertility treatment. The acupuncture itself takes place by you being well laid out in our rest room in your own bed with some relaxing music in the background.

Acupuncture is believed to be able to increase blood flow to the uterus, which can have a positive effect on the chance of pregnancy.

In connection with IVF / ICSI

The treatment is given after egg laying.

During the stimulation period at IVF / ICSI

Given twice a week for 14 days, then once a week until egg retrieval; a total of 5 treatments.

Insemination, IUI

The treatment is given twice, the first time after insemination and the second time 3-5 days after insemination.

How is acupuncture given?

Small thin needles are inserted at specific points on the body while lying down and relaxing. A treatment takes approx. 30 minutes and you should expect approx. 45 minutes at each visit.

Acupuncture for fertility treatment is given based on:

Acupuncture has for thousands of years shown positive results in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, and in 1979 the WHO declared acupuncture suitable as a treatment method for, among other things, infertility.

The Cochrane Library is an independent, international organization that reviews scientific evidence for a wide variety of treatments. In Cochrane´'s review of the effects of acupuncture on in vitro fertilization, the conclusion is:

“Data in this meta-analysis suggest that acupuncture increases the chance of having a live birth in conjunction with IVF treatment when given around the time of embryo placement. However, this may be due to the placebo effect and the small number of studies included in this review. Larger studies are needed to confirm the results”.

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