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    Aagaard's success rate

    We take pride in our results and are pleased to show them.

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  • Social freezing

    Be patient with love - not your fertility

    'Social Freezing' - freezing of unfertilized eggs is the option for pregnancy later in life. 

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Welcome to Aagaard Fertility Clinic

Aagaard - where babies come true
Mental support during fertility treatment

Do you find that fertility treatment triggers new thoughts and emotions that can be difficult to manage? Aagaard Clinic collaborates with Fertility Coach Jessie Egedal and Fertility Therapist Tina Teglgaard.

Egg donor information meeting

Are you considering becoming an egg donor?

At our Egg Donor Info meeting, you can meet our Egg Donation Team and a former egg donor. The meeting takes place at Aagaard Fertility Clinic.

The next meeting will take place on the (new date will come soon) from 16:00 - 17:30. 

Register by sending an email to: od@aagaardklinik.dk

Success rate Aagaard Fertility Clinic

Our success rate

The results obtained by the clinic are highly satisfactory and in the top end from an international point of view.

Sperm analysis

At Aagaard Fertility Clinic, we can make a thorough investigation of the man.

egg donation

If you are in good health and would like to help women less fortunate than you by donating some of your eggs, we would love to hear from you.

Social freezing

Social egg freezing

We offer freezing of women's unfertilized eggs for the purpose of preserving or prolonging the fertile period.



Early fetal gender testing: EVITA TEST GENDER.

Now you can know the sex of your fetus 3 weeks earlier than with the normal public scan.
You only need to give a blood sample.


Divide your payment into monthly installments

You can finance interest-free up to DKK 60,000.

You decide for yourself which amount you want to repay.

PGT ægsortering behandling

Embryo screening and egg diagnosis

As the only fertility clinic in Scandinavia, Aagaard Clinic offers fertility treatment including embryo screening, called PGT.