• New: Early chromosome examination

    Get checked if your fetus has a chromosome defect early

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  • Mental health

    Remember your mental health during fertility treatment.

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  • For you who must / are in IVF treatment at Aagaard: Do you want to participate in a scientific project?

    Selecting the best blastocyst provides the greatest chance of pregnancy.

    How can you best ensure that you get the best blastocyst back in the womb after IVF treatment?

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  • All foreign visitors at Aagaard Klinik needs a negative COVID-19 PCR test

    All foreign visitors must show a negative PCR test that is no more than 72 hours old.

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  • Female fertility package

    Is time going too fast and is your biological clock ticking? Then maybe it's time for social freezing of your eggs.

    Get your female fertility checked and get clarification about your egg reserve, etc.

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  • New treatment: Mild IVF stimulation

    At Aagaard Fertility Clinic, we now offer a particularly mild form
    for IVF treatment.

    We want the best for our patients, and now we give you the opportunity for this treatment based on a medical assessment.

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  • Comfort, results and availability are paramout to us

    At Aagaard Clinic we offer all types of modern treatments within the fields of fertility and gynaecology.

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  • Leading Fertility Clinic

    Aagaard Clinic performs approximately 5.000 examinations a year. Since 2004 the fertility treatments undertaken by the clinic have resulted in 2.000 births.

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  • Success rates

    We have at our disposal the very best equipment, and we use only the methods proven to give the highest success rates.

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Welcome to Aagaard Clinic

Social egg freezing aagaard

Social egg freezing

Social freezing is the freezing of women's eggs for the purpose of preserving or extending the fertile period.


aagaard stemningsbillede

Results of a recent patient satisfaction survey shows this

We are proud of the results

lesbisk par graviditet

Thinking about becoming an egg donor?

Do you want to hear and learn more - and do you want to meet the team?
You now have the chance to talk to a doctor, an embryologist, an anesthesia nurse and an egg donor.
The meeting will be in Danish.

sædanalyse aagaard klinik

Precautions regarding Corona.

If you have symptoms such as cough, fever or sore throat, please do not go to the clinic but cancel your appointment. If the appointment is urgent, please contact the clinic by phone and inform about your symptoms BEFORE you arrive.

solomødre møde aagaard klinik

Are you starting your own familiy - as a single mum?
Then come and meet other coming solomums!

partent holding childs hand

Depending on the cause of infertility there are various forms of treatment we can offer you.

egg donation

If you’re in good health and have a desire to help women less fortunate than you by donating some of your eggs, we'd like to hear from you.

Babyfødder iui uden ventetid århus

In addition, we now offer an economically advantageous IUI 3 package scheme

Of course without waiting time!


At Aagaard Klinik we can offer you swift and effective examination and treatment for gynaecological conditions.