Mental support during fertility treatment

Mental support

Mental support during fertility treatment

Fertility Coach Aagaard Fertility Clinic
Do you find that fertility treatment triggers new thoughts and emotions that can be difficult to manage? Aagaard Fertility Clinic collaborates with Fertility Coach Jessie Egedal and Fertility Therapist Tina Teglgaard.

Fertility Care
Fertility Care is a charitable organization that offers free support and counseling to everyone affected by involuntary childlessness and fertility treatment. Their counseling focuses on the prevention and treatment of the psychosocial costs that childlessness and its treatment can entail.

Their counseling services are staffed by fertility nurses and midwives with specialized experience and professional support and counseling competencies. Conversations with them are confidential and subject to professional secrecy.

It is easy to book a consultation through their website:

LFUB - National Association for Involuntarily Childless People
A patient and national association since 1990, offering psychosocial counseling, social counseling, advice on sexology, and more.

WaWa Fertility
The Wawa app is a personal assistant that guides you through your fertility treatment. It provides you with tools and emotional support. Read more about wawa app here