Tina Teglgaard

Fertility therapist Tina Teglgaard

Psycotherapist Tina Teglgaard

Fertility treatment can affect several areas of your life and mind. Therefore we collaborate with Tina Teglgaard, who is a trained Psychotherapist MPF, and specializes in helping and supporting involuntarily childless women and couples.

Tina has undergone fertility treatment herself and is therefore very familiar with the feelings and thoughts that are linked to fertility treatment. 

When you are a patient at Aagaard Clinic, you get a free 25-minute consultation with psycotherapist Tina Teglgaard (the initial consultation will take place by phone).

You can book your consultation with Tina here.
Please note: Tina's website is in Danish, but you can book your consultation directly by calling Tina by phone: +45 26141329.