28 June 2020

Aagaard patient satisfaction survey

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Aagaard Clinic

In March 2020, just before the closure due to Covid-19, we conducted a patient satisfaction survey among our patients at Aagaard.

We have now reviewed our response, and are quite satisfied and proud, thereby giving an insight into the survey.

Great satisfaction

Of all the responses, as many as 94% would recommend us to others. Achieving such great satisfaction pleases the entire Aagaard team.

We have received a lot of useful and relevant feedback and comments that we can work on in the near future.

Live up to our core values

Safety, good results and accessibility are some of our core values at Aagaard Kliniks. Giving our visitors the security they need when embarking on a fertility course is crucial for us. We work every day to create a good and safe environment at the clinic, which is one of our most important tasks here at Aagaard clinic.

We have a skilled and well-trained staff, which means that we have a unique staff that are specialists in fertility treatment and have an experience that helps to create our good results. We cherish this.

Good and free parking

In addition to the high satisfaction with the fertility courses at Aagaard clinic, the satisfaction was also extremely high in terms of accessibility to the clinic. Aagaard Klinik has free parking, only 2 min. walk from public transport (light rail) as well as good signage for those who need to visit the clinic.

We will continue to achieve our goal, namely to practice the best fertility treatment and give you a safe fertility course. Every time.

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