7 January 2021

Pregnancy and Covid-19 vaccine

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The National Board of Health's recommendations
The following is from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's website - you can see what they write on their website here.

Pregnant women - Can pregnant women be vaccinated?

Although the currently available data do not indicate any increased risk for the pregnant woman or for the pregnancy, there is currently insufficient evidence to recommend the use of covid-19 vaccines during pregnancy. Vaccination of pregnant women should only be considered if the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks to the mother and child.

How long does it take from being vaccinated to getting pregnant?

In Denmark, there is no recommendation to wait for pregnancy for a period after vaccination with Cominarty®.

What if you vaccinate an unrecognized pregnant woman?

If pregnancy is detected after vaccination, the pregnant woman can be informed that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is not a live, attenuated vaccine and it is therefore assumed that there is no or very little risk of fetal harm. The woman can be referred for advice to an obstetrics department if necessary. Termination of pregnancy after accidental vaccination should not be recommended for that reason alone.

What to do if a woman has received the first vaccine and finds out she is pregnant before having the next vaccine?

If a woman finds out she is pregnant after starting a vaccination course, she must complete her pregnancy before receiving her second covid-19 vaccination. Termination of pregnancy after vaccination should not normally be recommended.

Can a breastfeeding woman be vaccinated?

Comirnaty® has not been studied and approved for breast-feeding women. The potential risk to the nursing child is unknown. Women who are breastfeeding will therefore not currently be a target group for vaccination against COVID-19 in Denmark.

If a breastfeeding woman is in a risk group, it will be a balancing of advantages and disadvantages of vaccination, and the woman can therefore choose to be vaccinated, eg if she herself is at increased risk of a serious course of covid-19.

Source: sst.dk

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