Polyps in the cervix

Polyps are grape-like growths that are sometimes found in the lining of the cervix or the uterus. There can be one or several polyps at the same time. They occur in 10-20% of pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women who’re examined for bleeding disturbances, and they are usually benign. 


Even though the polyps are usually benign, they can cause a good deal for problems for some women, such as:

  • Bleeding between periods 
  • Bleeding during or after sex 
  • Vaginal discharge –  heavy and watery


The polyps are removed. We do this either with a thin lighted microscope, or in a keyhole operation after dilating the cervix.


If the polyp is located in the cervix, it’s quite easy and quick to remove it. You’ll get a light local anaesthetic of the cervix. A tiny pair of pliers will be inserted through a telescope (hysteroscope) and the polyp removed. The tissue is sent to the Aarhus University Department of Histopathology for further analysis.