We offer individual birth preparation for you and your partner, so you feel ready for the birth and the first time with your new family member.

The consultation is organized according to your wishes, and could include, for example, the following topics:

Birth stages

  • Practical preparations
  • The birth of birth
  • Udvidningsfasen
  • Press Period
  • Birth of placenta

Pain relief during childbirth:

  • Heating / massage
  • sterile water
  • Oxygen on mask / bath / acupuncture
  • epidural
  • Pudendusblokade

Intervention and monitoring during birth

  • Initiation of birth
  • Vestimulating drop
  • Suction cup / caesarean
  • Monitoring the child's heart sounds

The time after birth 

  • ruptures
  • Establishment of breastfeeding
  • The first time with a newborn

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like time for birth preparation.

We look forward to meeting you at Aagaard Fertility Clinic.

The midwifery team at Aagaard Fertility Clinic